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Django Python - what it meant to fun programming

Django Python - what it meant to fun programming

 The most obvious thinking of this article is not to explain the normal tutorial stuff, but to render of meanings of Django - a web framework of python.

Django - a python web management tool to interact and structure with the normal web things like html,css,js,jquery.

The missout from the above list will the database, fortunately django has  ORM - object Relational Manager.

As people say about MVT - Model,View and Template in django. Model is for Data.

Class is really a model of table with rows and column. Python structure these into a package inside Django.


Just like students in a class, we can easyily identify with name,position in the row or column also it has more attributes.

Django does the same with models.They interact with data through api's which is like we ask doubt to the teacher.Obviously, the models are the teacher explaining subject they will cover.

We have interesting aspect in django is we teach the students approach, we are the taking the class to make students - the data look good.

View - The real interaction of django framework starts here, yes views are the opinion of the user to ask proper questions through api and also plot the output to the front-end.

View is like the controller in other system. Here Django does best with function and splitting the various services into minimillistic one.

For me, personally view and template doesn't bother in big terms as it like a book which you have already created.

All the questions will be asked only from the book and all the notes will be regarding the book, nothing new to expect out of syllabus from the model you create.

Views will structure the type of interactions between frontend and backend.

Designs and interaction styles will ponder upon different view.

like Template, the real fun of html,css,js and jquery and more web technologies are here. you can do any visual techniques to display out data and interact with them too.

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