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DHT sensor with Raspberry Pi Pico -micropython

DHT sensor with Raspberry Pi Pico -micropython

 Raspberry Pi Pico - a new age microcontroller but still a long way to go in terms of support required, several libraries are still on the low-end boost.

One such thing is the Temperature sensor and library of micro-python is not yet updated to the new platform of RP2040.

Raspberry Pi Forum - Adafruit forum is buggy to it.

Novaspirit -the famous YouTuber contributed to the C/C++ version of it with debugging from its official examples.

But, few tried a lot in micro-python, yet to reach high accurate results in terms of equalling the Arduino Library or even the own Raspberry Pi python library.

For example, danjperron tried his own version but not accurate to floating points are being rounded off, 

But, it is now solved by,

try to work around it, but keeping all files inside the raspberry pico.

I tried it and works great,

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