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Raspberry 400 - Keyboard Computer effective or in-effective

Raspberry 400 - Keyboard Computer effective or in-effective

 Raspberry Pi 400 comes with a keyboard which is a kind of Continuum mode from Microsoft, converting Mobile phones into PC.

Instead, here a keyboard comes with PC, yes ARM PC - Raspberry Pi 4GB RAM variant. But, what it takes is 70$ - has a fashioned compute module to align the ports inside the keyboard.

With more number of Operating systems getting official support, Raspberry Pi lovers would have expected Raspberry Pi 800 ( an 8GB RAM variant to include in the desktop model).

Making sense, it is cornered towards a desktop replacement for students and also for Game centric mode.

But, Raspberry Pi being largely made on top of the idea of making multiple things out of it. It is seen as a computer beyond normal things.

It could well act as beckoff kind of thing at some stage, using GPIO to a certain extent and also the in-built camera and display module have a market.

An Open-source module now slowly entering the commercial brand of product but the take of removing the keyboard and board would have been a great option to ponder on.

Hope Raspberry Pi 800 would come-up with many improved ideas to change the face of Personal computers.

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