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Install Julia Latest on Raspberry Pi 4

Install Julia Latest on Raspberry Pi 4

 Julia language is an interesting modern-day thing, a  dynamic programming language with more core based on hardware and math making it sounding with the latest LLVM base.

Raspberry Pi and Julia will go in hand with python lagging speed in computing large array while using it for real-world data processing.

Julia slowing finding pace as integral and differential calculus takes its part into machine learning now largely.


I have tried it on ubuntu 20.10 raspberry pi4, hoping Raspbian 64 bit OS will have the same set of instructions 

Two ways to go about using Julia, but Julia on the snap store is lately is not updated to the latest release, hurting new stuff.

So, we are going to install from the source here,

Use wget to retrieve the latest compressed Julia Linux Binaries:


Extract the .tar.gz:

tar -xvzf julia-1.5.2-linux-aarch64.tar.gz

Copy the extracted folder to /opt:

sudo cp -r julia-1.5.2 /opt/

Finally, create a symbolic link to julia inside the /usr/local/bin folder:

sudo ln -s /opt/julia-1.5.2/bin/julia /usr/local/bin/julia

Finally, you can test your installation by re-opening a terminal and typing:


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