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How To Speed up Old Laptop [6 Ways to Speed up Laptop]

How To Speed up Old Laptop [6 Ways to Speed up Laptop]


Are you worried due to the slow performance of your old laptop? Well, it’s a universal problem of all physical products to be useless and down in performance with time. And the slow performance of the laptop not only makes you angry but also cause a loss on your important tasks. Therefore we promise you to make your laptop faster with this topic, How to speed up old laptop.

Although there are many ways to speed up laptops here I want to mention some top and working steps to you. so, before going for the detailed guide for how to improve the speed of the laptop you need to know about the main reason behind the slow performance of the laptop except for old age.

Behind the slow speed of the laptop, we can find the main as it’s age. It is sure that the old laptop performance is down as compared to the new one. Likewise, there is CPU usage also. If you are using non-apple laptops then it mainly works or running on the two popular CPU chipset brands like Intel and AMD.

So, here the good example is the use of an old CPU chipset is also the reason for the slow performance of your laptop. As like this the Volume of RAM, Software, and Hardware Optimization also play major roles in maintaining the performance of the laptop or desktop.

6 Ways to Speed Up Laptop

The solution of how to speed up old laptop is very simple but you need to follow out these steps carefully. Here we have mentioned the six major steps you need to follow to make the laptop faster.

  1. Deleting the Temporary files (temp)

  2. Disabling the unwanted startup apps

  3. Defragments and Optimize Drives

  4. Removing the non-usable and heavy apps

  5. Upgrading the Volume of RAM

  6. Regular Scan

  7. Install the new updated windows

So, let’s follow out these unique points for boosting your old laptop performance within a minute.

1.     Deleting the Temporary files (temp)

One of the most powerful and frequently used methods for making the computer faster is not other than the temp files. You know in your default local disk there are many files and folders which are useless to you. and that files make your pc to load late. Therefore you need to delete the temp. files from the device.

Method - I

  • Press the Windows key + R from the keyboard at once and it will open the run menu. In the run box type “%temp%” and hit an Enter or click on OK. It will open the temp folder on your desktop.

  • Select all the temp files from that folder. You can do it by pressing Ctrl + A at once.

  • Delete all the temp files from that folder. Sometimes some files may not get deleted so here you need to skip that files from deleting progress.

Method – II

  • Open the Run menu from the above steps and type “temp” and hit enter.

  • Choose all the files and delete them.

Method – III

  • Type “prefetch” and hit enter.

  • Select / mark all the files and folders from that folder and delete it. Here the windows ask to grant permission by showing the pop-up menu, you need to allow it by clicking on “Continue”.

(You need to follow out all the three steps one by one)

2.     Disabling the unwanted startup apps

If you are in search of the best solution for how to make an old laptop faster then it’s not other than this. Many experts and geeks recommend the users to disable unwanted startup apps like VPN, Security Apps, and other services.

And among the various reason, the background processing of the apps is also the one. That’s why you need to disable such apps suddenly for the best results.

  • Open task manager. For that press (Ctrl + Shift + Esc) Key at once.

  • Click on the “Startup” option from the task manager.

  • Select all the programs and app you want to disable from auto background running and auto startup after opening the PC. The apps may be like anti-virus. Here for disabling the apps and programs don’t disable the Microsoft apps like Microsoft programs, etc.

  • After selecting all the apps and programs click on “Disable”.

3.     Defragments and Optimize Drives

How to speed up old laptop, defragmenting the drives is maybe the helpful steps for making your laptop faster. It is found that defragmenting and optimizing the drives / local disk is one of the best ideas for making the laptop super fast.

It’s a simple step that you can do it easily within less time. For optimizing your drives you need to follow these steps.

  • In the windows search box type, “defragment and def..” you will find the programs on the search.

  • Open that program and choose the default drive. (Default drive is the drive where you have installed the windows. It’s mainly Local Disk mentioned by capital unit “C”).

  • After choosing the ‘Drive C’ click on ‘Optimize’. An optimization process gets starts.

  • Wait until the process gets completed. Finally done.

4.     Removing the non-usable and heavy apps

The non-usable apps and programs also make your device non-usable. Therefore for how to how to speed up laptop performance you need to remove or delete, uninstall such apps from the device.

There may be different apps and programs that are consuming your device's storage, RAM, and Processor. That’s why you need to be aware of such apps and delete them. Some apps like Microsoft Office Package, Photoshop, Video Editor, and games, etc. are heavy apps and may not become in use for internet users. So, go and delete such apps right now.

5.     Upgrading the Volume of RAM

Regarding how to improve the speed of a laptop many people recommend you to upgrade the volume of RAM on your device. Well, the recommendation is not totally wrong. Upgrading the volume of RAM is one of the best options for making your device faster.

So, for how to speed up old laptop you need to upgrade the volume of RAM. If your PC is packed with 4GB of RAM then you can upgrade it to up to 8GB in 32 bit and up to 128GB in 64-bit architecture device.

In terms of laptop replacing the components are complex. So, we recommend you to hire an expert for this task. But in terms of desktop, the process of replacing the components are comparatively easier than Laptop.

6.     Regular Scan

The main reason to recommend buying and installing the anti-virus on your laptop and computer is for making your device malware-free. So, malware and other virus are one of the main reason for the slow performance of the laptop. Not only old but the new laptops are also in problems with the malware.

That’s why the unique way to speed up laptop is doing the regular Full Scan not Quick Scan. Besides this, you can also neglect for connecting the external drives on your device like Data connection for sharing the files, SD cards, and Pendrives.

7.     Install the new updated windows

For how to speed up old laptop we have included installing the windows as a bonus. It’s funny to say that installing the new updated windows may work for optimizing the device. But it’s somehow true.

If you are still facing problems regarding the slow performance then you have an option for trying in making your device fast. For that, you need to install the latest windows on your device. You can download the latest windows .iso files from the official windows website.

So, here are the steps on how to make old laptop faster. By applying the 6 ways to speed up laptops we are sure that you will now able to make your laptop fast.

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