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App store for Raspberry Pi - Pi Kiss Alternative

App store for Raspberry Pi - Pi Kiss Alternative

 Linux Community is really huge but finding the various software created by a bunch of developers in one place becomes tough.

Actually, Manjaro solved this issue in Arch Linux which is not user-friendly to find the apps but they introduced an add/remove program feature, it becomes a bang in the arch Linux community.

For Ubuntu, there is an app store that is like uploading the developed software files to the store. But, since Linux is widen spread with respect to developers, there should be two-way interactions.

The store has to find the software and update its repo, also developers must provide the right to use their open-source content. 

Pi-Kiss by twister OS community is a much more shell interactive system, but Pi-Apps gives a GUI mode much like add or remove program features.

Again, Pi-Apps takes care of dependencies too - for example on installing x86 apps it covers it with Box86 from Twister OS community to execute from the back-end.

There are many open-source, community-developed software projects for Raspberry Pi, yet very few people know about them. Pi-Apps aims to improve this, functioning as a software catalog and standardizing installation.

To install Pi Apps

git clone

The install script ensures YAD is installed, creates two menu buttons, and an autostarted updater. Nothing is modified outside your home directory.

To run Pi Apps

Menu -> Accessories -> Pi Apps, or type ./pi-apps/gui.

Currently has very limited apps, but can become a big repo for searching various apps in the future, especially for the ARM architecture.

If you double-click an app, or select an app and click Details, you will see the Details window.

It also comes with terminal usage, a new kind of apt-get,

  • The manage script is similar to apt-get - it handles installing apps, uninstalling them, keeping them updated, and more. Manage does not include a GUI, though in some cases a dialog will appear to ask you a question.
    • To install an app, run this: /home/pi/pi-apps/manage install Zoom
    • To uninstall an app: /home/pi/pi-apps/manage uninstall Zoom
    • To update a single app:
      /home/pi/pi-apps/manage update Zoom Note that if an app is up-to-date, no files will be moved around.
    • To check all apps for updates:
      /home/pi/pi-apps/manage check-all This command will return a list of updatable apps, separated by the | character.
    • To update all apps: /home/pi/pi-apps/manage update-all
  • To list all apps: ls /home/pi/pi-apps/apps Note that this will also list the template app, which contains the default install & uninstall scripts. Please don't try to install it.

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