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Ubuntu 20.10 for Raspberry pi 4 - Take it as it come

Ubuntu 20.10 for Raspberry pi 4 - Take it as it come

 when Raspberry pi 4 was launched with more RAM, we here have pointed out, the future of it with respect to IoT, AI and covering certain bases in Operating system for a desktop.

Yes, but it hasn't been a normal transition when a product entered the market with a low budget to replace a high-fi computer.

The Point is they transformed the structure of computing by adopting the Open-source to show common people the way a computer works.

In my point of view, these ARM and SBC mostly improved the programming skills than what we are before.

Now, after Manjaro - rightly targetted raspberry pi 4 for 64bit Operating system, Ubuntu joins the party, but don't know how the ubuntu mate community will take this forward.

The plan was already preset as the Linux kernel 5.9 starts its official support for Raspberry pi firmware too.

The more official builds lining up Raspberry pi, it would be a new market for Softwares for the ARM architecture. Don't Forget the apps are already being ported largely in the Debian community.

The Rise of the snap store will boost other Operating systems to go in for SBC's.In hindsight, the Raspberry pi is still more vulnerable to graphics.

But, Ubuntu 21.04 has some interesting take on these problems like graphics, GPIO, zram, desktop environment, and more.

For me, Ubuntu microkernel services on raspberry pi will eventually make a strong zone in commercializing Raspberry pi by many firms, also 37 variant compute modules are now available in raspberry pi 4, hence purely targeting the custom made products.

The ubuntu cloud on raspberry pi 4 is an interesting update as they target it to multiple products to make for oneself.

It is like do wanna have tv, have raspberry pi - do you wanna have lights, control it rpi - do you wanna car, have autopi on it.

Strongly, we are going to be in the world of Pi - lol.

Still, ubuntu on Raspberry pi 4 lags largely in rendering as it shows up slowness in youtube videos which is compensated by the 8GB RAM model.

Another big thing is the Tensorflow lite version on Raspberry pi makes its a way for running deep learning models on it as Raspberry pi 4 comes with GPU.

Interestingly, it is still far-away from Tensorflow as it takes around 2 hours of installation.

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