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Puffin Browser on Raspberry pi 4 - more accelerated but not stable

Puffin Browser on Raspberry pi 4 - more accelerated but not stable

Puffin - Firstly an Operating system for Android Phones that centered around the browser. Actually speeding up the browser by miles ahead of others.

The technology behind Puffin's cloud matra is like a render engine that's on the cloud and all the data will on their server and we are just client's made to view them. Hence, the speed could be very high.

It is just like a remote desktop concept, we have a small or low power device but OS running in the cloud would have high-speed internet. Hence, rendering would be faster as we just request through a remote layer.

But, Puffin Browser has more issues because of this remote emulation, because the files we are going to upload in their browser will be slower and OS to browser interaction is very lagging.

After using for few days, Raspberry pi 4 still remains the same but some apps and services on the puffin browser make annoying things like auto-zoom to screen, the drop-down menu becomes lagging, file upload time gets increased.

This is more of a personal thing, nowadays technology is becoming more market centric than innovation.

Cloud is definitely not a revolution it is just a way to collect data that can be very much handled by the clients(mobiles,PC's). Now, will all data being in the cloud - we are made to buy a product and then pay rent for having them in hand.

It is definitely not an open-source platform. More research needs to be done on puffin's background to ensure it's working model to a business model being in a specific manner.

yes, it will be the future technology, as we get faster internet, then by advertising to make faster mobiles we are made to buy a pc of low valuable hardware but to pay rent for data that's stored on cloud.

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