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OmniRom brings Android 11 for Raspberry Pi 4

OmniRom brings Android 11 for Raspberry Pi 4

 To be honest, October 2020 is a special month for Raspberry Pi users. The linear arrangement of official support for Raspberry Pi is just extended much more.

From Manjaro to Ubuntu official build being a surprise, but Fedora too joins the party bringing the new BTRFS filesystem to Raspberry Pi 4.

The happiest news is all these are 64bit version Operating systems, making it port in between binaries for filling the app gap in ARM64.

People usually say end on high - definitely, Raspberry Pi users will end October on High with Android 11 on it.

OmniROM - a newly released port of the current Android 11 build with the method of AOSP, which was published by a senior member of the XDA forum named "maxwen". 

OmniROM comes with a 64bit version with Tablet mode but lagging the ability to open a mobile hotspot, and hardware-accelerated video playback, but anything inside 1920x1080 resolution should be fine.

Supports booting from SD or USB by just changing config.txt

Official Download Link for OmniROM -click here

Images tagged with MICROG contain a pre-installed ready to use.

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