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Gladys Assistant -an Open-Source Home Automation looks mostly wow!

Gladys Assistant -an Open-Source Home Automation looks mostly wow!

 Gladys Assistant - a platform firstly centered only with raspberry pi, later with Linux has been growly slowly but a viable project to look into.

The idea of making an open-source with more powerful tools makes it easy, it contains

  • Node.js + Express server-side
  • A PWA powered by Preact on the frontend.
  • SQLite for the database

  • Home Automation is a serious topic. 

    Gladys Assistant doesn’t joke with security and wants its users to be protected from attackers.

    • Dependencies should be updated frequently

    • Dependencies should be carefully chosen to avoid backdoored or abandoned one

    • State of the art security measure should be implemented from day 1, and without asking the user to enter CLI commands

    • The Update process should work seamlessly to encourage users to upgrade frequently and has the latest upgrades

    More UI frontend and a stable backend with SQLite make it store data locally and it never shares data outside.

    The architecture of Gladys Assistant

    Installation for Raspberry pi,

    We provide a pre-built Raspbian image with Gladys already configured.

    • Download Gladys Raspbian Buster v4-rev 2
    • And unzip the downloaded zip file to get a .img file.
    • Clone the image on a SD card
    • Then, you just have to clone this image on the SD card you want to use with you Raspberry Pi.
    • Install Etcher, plug your SD card into your computer, and clone the .img file on your SD card.


    Access Gladys

    To access Gladys, open your browser on any computer on the local network your Raspberry Pi is connected. Then enter the URL http://gladys.local.

    You should see Gladys web UI!

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