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Fedora 33 beta comes with Two Official variants to Raspberry Pi 4

Fedora 33 beta comes with Two Official variants to Raspberry Pi 4

 Fedora 33 comes with a GNOME shell environment packed in various styles for Workstation, IoT, and a standalone server.

Interestingly over the years, Fedora is known for its backing of Redhat Linux foundation now open towards SBC's is a brave move but largely it is made because of the competition of other Linux Distro's finding its place for Raspberry Pi.

Also the biggest update on File System that's memory management based on BTRFS, it is really new to SBC's. Since, ext4 being regularly part of all Linux, Fedora is just rising the game here.


Btrfs is an open-source, general-purpose file system for Linux. The name derives from the use of B-trees to store internal file system structures.

– Btrfs provide extent-based file storage with a maximum file size of 50 TB and a maximum file system size of 50 TB.
– All data and metadata are copy-on-write. This means that blocks of data are not changed on disk. Btrfs just copies the blocks and then writes out the copies to a different location.
– Not updating the original location eliminates the risk of a partial update or data corruption during a power failure.
– The copy-on-write nature of Btrfs also facilitates file system features such as replication, migration, backup, and restoration of data.

 The Fedora 33 Beta includes updated versions of popular programming packages like Ruby, Python, and Perl, meanwhile Python 2.6 and Python 3.4 are being retired. Fedora 33 also makes nano the default text editor.

You can try out the Fedora 33 beta here. 

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