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Why Data Science is just a Maths?

Why Data Science is just a Maths?

 This article will break few things inside you, it is definitely easy and makes you think.

  • What is Data Science?
  • Why we use it?
  • How simple it is?

Data Science - getting information out of data, in other words, extracting inferences out of data, which would solve or predicts the happenings out of data.

Is Data Science new? - Definitely not, it is pretty much what we have been already using in normal day. Yes, just see your routine and give what you define yourself to an interviewer as a work experience or your skill set - that's all your data made into a information through resume.

Why we use it? - As a human or living organisms we like to change as change keeps us alive. Here change refers to motive. we started to use math from being a monkey to human transistion. We used time for hunting and standardized ways to survive using math. Hence, Math is what drives us. 

Math means Realising(understanding)

But, with just Math we can't live, because change(motive) is needed for living. For motive we used our experience, which is now the so called - Data. From which we bring facts(realisation) into the life.

How Simple it is? - Yes, most people fear because of Math - fortunately Math now made several forms as Languages (what we express), even computers have languages now. So, we are in the time where we can realise most big things easily. Unfortunately, we lacking the data(experimentation) for getting the right motive.

Science - Right Motive

These are few abstracts out of my experience, please explain yours in comments to get motivated.

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