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Tor-Ti-Pi running on raspbian-buster-lite

Tor-Ti-Pi running on raspbian-buster-lite

Tor is a network and a software package that helps you anonymously use the Internet. Specifically Tor hides the source and destination of your Internet traffic, this prevents anyone from knowing both who you are and what you are looking at (though they may know one or the other). Tor also hides the destination of your traffic, which can circumvent some forms of censorship. Tor has been in development for many years and is very stable and mature.

TorTiPi is a tool to setup the Tor based wifi hotspot on Raspberry Pi. This tool can also work with the other models on Raspberry but would require exteranl wifi adapter plugged into RPi, which would be helpful to create access point.

At this point TTP provides extremly simple but complete setup to create Tor network access point.
If you really want to get your hands dirty with anonymity, then lets gets started.

Let TorTiPi do it.

TorTiPi setups everything for you. But How ??

git clone [email protected]:sohnemann/tortipi.git
cd tortipi
chmod +x

Only 4 simple commands. 😄
At the end of the installation, a Access point named as TorTiPi will be up and its default password would be changeme. If you want to change deafult password, TorTiPi simplifies that too for you.

Changing the Configurations.

The hostapd.config file in this repo needs to be changed before the running setup script.


If you notice the content are very simple key value pair. For our concern we need to focus on ssid and wpa_passphrase. The first one specifies the name of your wifi hotspot and the latter one chnages the password for AP. Once the changes have been made, save the file and run ./
If you have already ran setup script. Donot rerun the script after changing. Rather modify the file /etc/hostapd/hostapd.conf. This file also have same parameter as to the one in hostapd.config. After making the changes restart the hostapd service.
service hostapd restart

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