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Umbrel Bitcoin mining using Raspberry pi

Umbrel Bitcoin mining using Raspberry pi

Umbrel OS is the operating system of Umbrel Bitcoin and Lightning node. It's based on Raspberry Pi OS (formerly Raspbian) and uses pi-gen for customization.


  1. Download the latest release of Umbrel OS, or build the image from source.
  2. Use an image flasher such as Balena Etcher to flash the image to a microSD card.
  3. Put the microSD card in your Raspberry Pi, attach an external SSD or HDD (to USB 3 port), connect the Pi to your router with an ethernet cable.
  4. Turn on the Pi and open http://umbrel.local from any device connected to the same network (it might take a while for it to be accessible).

 computer SSH

SSH is enabled by default and you can use the following credentials to login to your Umbrel node.

  • Hostname: umbrel.local
  • User: umbrel
  • Password: umbr3lb0x

Build Umbrel OS from source

Verify, don't trust.

Step 1. Clone this repo

git clone

Step 2. Switch to repo's directory

cd umbrel-os

Step 3. BUIDL!

sudo ./

After the build completes (it can take a looooooong time), the image will be inside deploy/ directory.

wrench Advanced

Config variables

The config file has system defaults which are used when building the image and for automated builds.

  • GITHUB_USERNAME - Use this if you want to automatically login to your node without typing a password (used at build time).

Other Raspbian-related stuff can be found in Raspbian's documentation which is still applicable.

Post bootup checks

For building an API (or scripting), look in /home/umbrel/statuses for the following files

  • disk-partitioned: meaning the disk is partitioned.
  • service-configured: meaning the umbrel system bootup service is configured and running.

The above variables control whether or not the umbrelbox startup script is run (for SD Card safety).

If you want to overricde the checks, please delete service-configured file and add a disk-partitioned, and then reinstall/configure Umbrel. Then run /etc/rc.local as root again (or restart your box)

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