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PiKiss vs Dietpi - Making installations simple on Raspberry pi

PiKiss vs Dietpi - Making installations simple on Raspberry pi

First, we can review Dietpi - a Debian operating system based on raspbian but it is a combination of automated bash scripts to make raspberry pi as a standalone application based product.

Diet pi consists of about 120 applications which can be installed on the go and largely multi thirdparty dependent.

Here are some of the software namely
  • Google AIY
  • PiHole
  • phpBB3
  • Wordpress
  • stream
  • MotionEye
  • Owncloud
  • NextCloud
  • VPN
  • Kodi
All these packages can be installed on one step. Also Enabling us to use it as a hobby project to play more on it.

Even these services are have a seperate operating system on their own, they are also based on debian hence not much difficulty including them inside raspbian.

Dietpi has a user and root which is configured with pi user in raspbian, making it more stable for its build.

but, Dietpi won't run Emulators directly but with Pikiss inclusion with Dietpi can be made that too possible.

Also, Dietpi scripts cannot be used in native raspberry pi OS since itself an operating system.

PiKiss - very much similar to Dietpi user interface, a configuration methodology based automated bash scripts to run retro games, emulators, over clocking and more.

But, PiKiss is more of a tool than an Operating system, it can be included in raspbian and raspbianX(Pi Top Os), to run few required softwares which can be automated.

Using PiKISS, the Raspberry Pi can be tweaked to have an overclocked CPU, ZRAM disk caching and selectively uninstall applications to save space. If you are a retro gamer then the Games and Emulation menus hold a world of old hardware and games, to relive the classics of the past. 

The most interesting menus are Server and Info. The Server menu contains ready to install services such as FTP, SMB (SAMBA), OwnCloud cloud storage and even OctoPrint to manage and monitor a 3D printer. The Info menu contains tools for monitoring, auditing and benchmarking a Raspberry Pi.

Why PiKiss can be preferred?

As PiKiss can be run on Raspbian or Debian - it becomes more depend on Official Raspberry pi and also just as a tool than being a seperate Operating system.

Pikiss will eventually automated most of the Diet pi features, which will boost it as a super application to integrate inside raspberry pi or debian OS.

Even, Dietpi doesn't pick the best of automated scripts like installing Wordpress can be done differently than what it does. These can be changed on the go with Pikiss, as changes can be easily on script than on the Operating system.

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