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The Pi-hole Alternative - KeexyBox provides good internet features

The Pi-hole Alternative - KeexyBox provides good internet features
KeexyBox is a pihole alternative build with several new features,

KeexyBox allows you to do parental control, block ads, limit telemetry, and browse the Internet anonymously from your home network without installing any software on your devices.

It is a software program which requires a Raspberry PI box and which is installed on Raspbian.

It constitutes a cut-off point between your devices (computers, tablets, smartphones, etc.) and your router or Internet box. 

KeexyBox acts as a default gateway and DNS server for the devices in your home network. It thus intercepts all connections to the Internet to carry out website filtering or to activate browsing via the Tor anonymity network according to connection profiles which you have configured.

The steps to install KeexyBox will be as follows:

The steps to configure your KeexyBox will be as follows:

KeexyBox is accessible by following IP addresses for configuration:


You may have to change the network settings of the computer you use to reach KeexyBox.

 For exemple, you can set the IP address on your computer, then you will be able to reach KeexyBox by this address

when you are able to reach one of KeexyBox's addresses, connect as admin, with password:KeexyBox974 and then configure KeexyBox:
  • Set the date and time
  • Set the Network configuration
  • Enable DHCP on KeexyBox and disable it on your Internet router
  • Import Blacklist of websites in KeexyBox
  • Add KeexyBox users
  • Scan and add devices of your network (optional)
You can also install it on the existing raspbian system,

Connect as root to the console of your Raspberry PI and follow the instructions below.

sudo su

Download KeexyBox:

cd ~

Extract files:

tar xzf keexybox_20.04.2_raspbian10.tar.gz

Run installation:

cd keexybox_20.04.2_raspbian10

the installation script will prompt for setting password as follows:

Confirm the KeexyBox Admin password by repeating it again,

Select Yes to confirm the installation:

When KeexyBox is successfully installed you should have the screen below:

Note the KeexyBox Web interface addresses and select OK. The next step is the post installation.

you need to use an Internet Browser and enter the given KeexyBox Web interface address, example:

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