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MQTT - an IoT protocol

MQTT - an IoT protocol
There are several ways two machines can be communicated, from Hardware to programming - Communication becomes an important tool to extract data out of a system to get details of the system.

In this way, a Hardware component won't respond to a electronic stuff in a similar way, to solve these trouble propitiatory communication model which is locks the IoT model down.

MQTT protocol solves the problem of sending data safely helps in communicating with different architechtural devices.

For, example - NodeMCU module communicating with x86 PC / Sim800L module integration with Arduino to send data via MQTT.

Engine ECU of a Car can be connected to a PC safely to extract data and also to do analytics over it.

Main solid benefits of MQTT in these terms are lightweightness (MQTT transfers data as a byte array) and publish/subscribe model, which makes it perfect for resource-constrained devices and help to save battery.

Besides, publish/subscribe model provides clients with independent existence from one another and enhance the reliability of the whole system. When one client is out of order the whole system can keep on working properly.

According to measurements in 3G networks, throughput of MQTT is 93 times faster than HTTP’s.
Besides, in comparison to HTTP, MQTT Protocol ensures high delivery guarantees. 

There are 3 levels of Quality of Services:

- at most once: guarantees a best effort delivery.

- at least once: guaranteed that a message will be delivered at least once. But the message can also be delivered more than once.

- exactly once: guarantees that each message is received only once by the counterpart

MQTT also provides users with options of Last will & Testament and Retained messages. The first means that in case of unexpected disconnection of a client all subscribed clients will get a message from a broker. 
Retained message means that a newly subscribed client will get an immediate status update.

MQTT has pretty short specification. There are only CONNECT, PUBLISH, SUBSCRIBE, UNSUBSCRIBE and DISCONNECT types that are significant for developers. 

MQTT has a very short message header and the smallest packet message size of 2 bytes. Using text message format by HTTP protocol allows it to compose lengthy headers and messages. 

It helps to eliminate troubles because it can be read by humans, but at the same time it’s needless for resource-constrained devices.

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