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DHT11 and Node Red - Easiest way to measure Temperature using Raspberry Pi 4

DHT11 and Node Red - Easiest way to measure Temperature using Raspberry Pi 4

The DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor is a nice little module that provides digital temperature and humidity readings. It’s really easy to set up, and only requires one wire for the data signal. These sensors are popular for use in remote weather stations, soil monitors, and home automation systems.

let's Connect DHT11 sensor with raspberry pi as shown below, Kindly buy 3 pin DHT rather than 4 pin DHT as it helps us use it without resistor.

VCC of DHT11 -> 5v 
GND of DHT11 -> GND 
Signal pin of DHT11 -> GPIO 4 

There are many ways to use DHT11 in an application, obviously with python or LCD panel could be an intresting thing for external app development use case.

But, here we are centred around the Node red,

Node-Red - IoT platform which helps programming visually using flow language.

install node-red and open a new flow,

install dht sensor package in node red from pallete or run the command in terminal,

npm install node-red-contrib-dht-sensor

Find the GPIIO DHT22 in the left panel and drag and drop it to configure.

DHT22 Package also has DHT11 which we will be using it now,

To view value in UI, we need to add Gauge in Dashboard, the final flow will be like this,

Now, deploy it and view Temperature value in Dashboard.

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