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Windows10fx/Linuxfx 10 - not just an operating system for UI

Windows10fx/Linuxfx 10 - not just an operating system for UI
Windows10 fx/Linuxfx 10 - an ubuntu based distro for x86 laptop/desktop and raspbian based distro for raspberry pi 2,3 and 4. An operating system from brazil which tries to mimic WindowsUserinterface and also its features.

Ubuntu has been here for long time and debian based system has several UI which are more customizable and open ended to users.

But, Windows10  fx is slightly different interms of apprpoach as it inherits features than just UI. In fact, they are trying stage Linux against Windows, projecting the similarities that can be done with Linux.

Windows10 fx has a customized programs like Libre office User interface is pretty much matching the Office UI of microsoft.

Generally, we try to run applications of Windows using Wine in linux, yes that too is possible in Windows10 fx as it has been pre-configured, but Changing the Userinterface much similar to Windows in every program is slighty different idea to take on.

Here, the Operating system is just a tool to solve several problems, comes with computer vision - detection based DVR software which is totally a separate system to run inside windows10 fx.

This supports major camera to get connected inside the network and also gps too can be attached to support it in a live project. 

On this front, introduction of raspberry pi version of Windows10 fx is a huge boost to directly deploy into client.

It also has Hellao - a development stage integration into Windows10 fx which is replica of cortana but definitely still too far away.

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