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Archpile - An Open Source DIY Music Box

Archpile - An Open Source DIY Music Box
Archphile is an Archlinux ARM/Mpd based distribution for Raspberry Pi, Udoo Quad (also dual with some extra steps), Cubox-i and Odroid C1+/C2 targeted to users with USB DACS.

Some of its features:

- support for USB and I2S DACS
- Various MPD packages (standard, minimal, sacd iso, native dsd)
- ympd web interface.
- usb disk/flash automounting using udevil.
- upnp/dlna
- airplay/shairport-sync
- Spotify Support (RPI2/3 and Odroid C2)
- Roon Bridge support (RPI2/3 and Odroid C2)
- dchp enabled by default
- reachable with url http://archphile.local if zeroconf is enabled.
- samba/cifs/nfs support – you have configure /etc/fstab according to your own needs by modifying the sample lines

Download and Enjoy your own music player - click here

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