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MotionEye OS on Raspberry pi 4 - a light weight cam streaming server

MotionEye OS on Raspberry pi 4 - a light weight cam streaming server
MotionEyeOS is a build for open source surveillance system. It has a web-based, user-friendly interface that is highly responsive in any platform.

It supports most USB cameras, Raspberry Pi camera modules, and IP cameras.

Additionally, it brings other useful features when it comes to a surveillance system:

  •     Motion detection with email notifications
  •     You can set set a working schedule
  •     Take still images
  •     Store your files in SD card, USB drive, or upload your files to Google Drive or Dropbox
  •     Access your media files through FTP server or SFTP server

Install MotionEyeOS, 
  • Save the image, then extract the file. 
  • Using balenaEtcher, burn the disk image to your card, making sure to extract everything in the file first. Do not burn the compressed file; it will not work correctly.
  • Create a new file wpa_supplicant.conf. This enables wireless network connection on raspberry pi.




            ssid="your network's SSID"

            psk="your network's password"


Now, let's start booting,
  • Once the Pi has finished booting, it will show a login prompt.
  • The login prompt is the network information for the Pi, including the IP address.  This will be needed to access the WebUI for MotionEyeOS.
After finding the IP address, navigate to it in your web browser of choice (on any computer on your network)
  • To login, enter the username, “admin” and hit Login. There is no password by default.

Now, you could get into advanced mode,like configuring the view based on user type and also storage on google drive or drop box or NAS inside a network or more.

Interestingly the powerful side of MotionEye OS lies in the management of other IP cameras with raspberry pi 4.

In general, DVRs are mostly costly, with respect to raspberry pi it is much feasible solution.

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  1. The optimal features of the new surveillance system are really in demand among the users. The improved features help you to focus quickly on the desired video


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