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WebIOpi for Raspberry pi 4

WebIOpi for Raspberry pi 4
WebIOPi is an absolutely great freeware web interface for the Raspberry Pi, a tribute to the developers! 

This let Raspberry Pis GPIO to be controlled with just a few lines of code over internet with python programming.

When you are reading this, it is not the official version of webiopi as it has been discontinued before rpi3.

But, patches provided by developers still works on Raspberry pi 4.

Before getting into WebIOPi we need to provide access for Remote GPIO control via Raspberry Pi configuration.

for doing it, run  

sudo raspi-config -> Interfacing Options -> Remote GPIO

The following commands will install WebIOPi on raspberry pi 4 in just 10 minutes.

$ wget
$ tar xvzf WebIOPi-0.7.1.tar.gz
$ cd WebIOPi-0.7.1
$ wget
$ patch -p1 -i webiopi-pi2bplus.patch
$ sudo ./

To start in the background, run sudo /etc/init.d/webiopi start
To start on boot, run sudo update-rc.d webiopi defaults

As the process gets completed, now you can get into WebIOpi page via https://raspi-ip:8000 inside your network.

Username : webiopi
Password: raspberry

You will end up check the GPIO remotely, also it can be used as API for GPIO in programming.

For more see here:

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