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Raspbian Buster gets a big upgrade - improvements on design and performance

Raspbian Buster gets a big upgrade - improvements on design and performance

Raspberry Pi 4  and Buster has been launched on same day, but Raspberry Pi 4 hardware model just a major update and buster looks more underplayed on improvements.

Issues and bugs are too much, from docker to graphics driver suppport every little support was missing.

To the major contrary, raspberry pi 3 supported around 37 operating systems but raspberry pi 4 just had around 14.

The reason being quite simple, it is architectural change - using 64bit version could well be a reason.

But, now raspbian gets an update, Interesting the hardware support by the Operating System is quite high now, especially for audio and video.

The Buster Os is now centered towards desktop experience, cutting down major design issues like file manager style, VNC audio support, Games by default, screen blanking and more.

Changes after Upgrade:

  * Version 3.2.6 of Thonny included - significant improvements in speed, particularly when debugging

  * Version 1.0.4 of Scratch 3 included - adds new "display stage" and "display sprite" blocks to SenseHAT extension, and loading of files from command line

  * Version of Flash player included

  * Version 1.0.3 of NodeRED included

  * Version 6.6.0 of RealVNC Server and version 6.19.923 of RealVNC Viewer included - adds support for audio

  * Version 78.0.3904.108 of Chromium included

  * Mesa updated to 19.3.2 for OpenGL ES 3.1 conformance

  * Pixel doubling option added in Raspberry Pi Configuration on platforms using FKMS display driver

  * Orca screen reader added to Recommended Software

  * Code The Classics Python games added to Recommended Software

  * File manager - new "places" pane added at top of sidebar to show mounted drives in simplified view; "new folder" icon added to taskbar; expanders in directory browser now correctly show state of subfolders

  * Multiple monitor support improved - alignment of icons on second desktop corrected, Appearance Settings opens on correct tab when launched from context menu

  * Raspberry Pi Touchscreen correctly aligned with display

  * System clock synchronised before installing new packages in startup wizard and Recommended Software

  * Mixer dialogs added to taskbar volume plugin; separate Audio Preferences application removed

  * Raspberry Pi Configuration - separate tab added for display options; screen blanking control added

  * Volume taskbar plugin and raspi-config modified to support separate ALSA devices for internal audio outputs (analogue and HDMI 1 and 2)

  * Robustness improvements in volume, ejecter and battery taskbar plugins

  * Movement of mouse pointer to menu button on startup now controlled by point_at_menu parameter in Global section of lxpanel configuration file

  * Ctrl-Alt-Del and Ctrl-Alt-End shortcuts added to open shutdown options box

  * Ctrl-Shift-Esc shortcut added to open task manager

  * Enabled NEON routines in OpenSSL

  * Linux kernel 4.19.93


  1. Sir, sorry for the spam of my link, but are more systems for pi 4 and 3b that just 37 and 14. Theres more than 60 for pi 4b, i hope one day have articles like yours! ��. You can use freely obviously my index of distributions for raspberry pi:


    1. You are right, few distro's are discontinued and can't use them on raspberry pi 3b+ and 4B models - ex: RTAndroid,PressPi and few are build on top of raspbian and flavoured. only limited are specific.

    2. Yes, today helping someone discover one distro more, but no time for edit the web. You see that some parts are without the icons of compability, 😋 still i couldnt update, are a lot sites to see, and someones i had to delete cause no more oficial site 🤷‍♂️, i wish some of the 2 installers(berryboot or pinn) add all that distro founded to give people more posibilities to try and know. Good night 🙋‍♂️ from Argentina

    3. if possible with time, i will add these to berryboot

  2. A lot of time are more tha 240 distributions 😪🙄, but cool 👏👏👏


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