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Hypriot OS - Debian based Docker Awesomeness - Raspberry Pi 4

Hypriot OS - Debian based Docker Awesomeness - Raspberry Pi 4
Hypriot OS is a tweaked version based on debian specially made for Docker applications. Docker - a software high profile awesomeness as rated by tech giants helps in fast production.

We are all be aware of the balena OS - much similar to Hypriot in its own fort as it is more biased on IoT and cloud technologies.

Hypriot OS is a more standard version as it works on docker platform rather than getting into a particular domain.

The features of HypriotOS:

  • minimal Debian-based operating system - most people know how to use Debian & Ubuntu based distros
  • optimized for Docker awesomeness - from optimized and tuned Linux kernel settings to the included fileystems everything is aligned to make Docker run very well
  • up-to-date Docker versions - often we are only mere seconds behind the officially published upstream versions
  • really easy to use - download, flash and boot - that’s all you need to get started
Docker make the process of app deployment more effective and easy, hence hypriot on Raspberry Pi especially for server configurations and main stream IoT integrations can be made with in hours.

The famous use cases of hypriot OS

  • Home Assistant with Docker, IPv6 and Let´s Encrypt
  • blogging platforms like Wordpress or Ghost
  • tools for software collaboration like Gitlab or Gogs
  • file synchronization platforms like OwnCloud or Seafile
  • OpenWRT
  • RaspiCam streamer
As we use docker, the technical difficulties are reduced as the applications are being isolated, hence control over it rises.

Interestingly, Hypriot OS is available for all boards of Raspberry pi from zero to 4B.

Username: private
password: hypriot

Let us know, for what you will be dockering with Raspberry Pi - Happy Dockering... 

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