The Most Interesting Operating System for Raspberry pi is here!

Raspberry pi 4 is all about a personal computer first then with hardware support it could well be a Beckhoff PC alternative.

But, since the launch, there are several Operating Systems available yet no one came as a strong force to change the whole idea.

The raspberry pi fans club - a community-owned Operating system breaks the first ice. 64 bit Debian based Operating system for all raspberry pi boards.

Here are some highlighted features inside:
  • Web Visual Management Interface
  • QEMU-KVM Virtualization Support
  • Docker Container Support
  • AUFS File System Support
  • TCP Acceleration
  • Memory And Swap Optimization (Algorithm-level)
  • macOS-Mojave Theme Desktop
Interestingly, the Operating system comes with four flavors:
  • BaseOS(CommandLine)
  • BaseOS Plus++(With Web UI)
  • Desktop Full-Featured(Full-fledged)
  • Deepin Desktop(DeepIn Skin)
The important thing is language, it is currently based on Chinese hence, the first step after installation would be to change Language.

With KVM enabled, they have tried Windows 10 ARM image on it, also WPS office android supports.

For more details find here,

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