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Lineage 16 OS, Debian 64 on PINN Operating Systems for Raspberry pi 4

Lineage 16 OS, Debian 64 on PINN Operating Systems for Raspberry pi 4
PINN is a famous enhancement version of NOOBS - an official Operating System installer.

PINN is designed to make it easy to select and install operating systems for the Raspberry Pi without having to worry about manually imaging your SD card.

Once PINN is installed on your SD card, the installation of other OSes and a lot of the maintenance of them can mostly be done on the RPi itself without having to remove the SD card.

The list of OSes that can be installed by PINN is growing all the time, from general purpose Linux distros, through educational versions, media centres to retro gaming solutions. It is the ideal environment to experiment and try out new OSes.

PINN occupies just over 60MB of your precious SD card space, leaving the majority of the card available for your OSes.

There are 15 OperatingSystems currently can be installed through PINN.

The Latest Update being the addition of Lineage 16 OS into the list also the interesting update of debian 64.

Format your SD card as FAT32

For Windows users, we recommend formatting your SD card using the SD Association's Formatting Tool, which can be downloaded from . If you are still using v4 of this tool, you will need to set the "FORMAT SIZE ADJUSTMENT" option to "ON" in the "Options" menu to ensure that the entire SD card volume is formatted - not just a single partition.

However, this tool has now been upgraded to v5 where this feature is now the default and is no longer selectable.

The SD Association's Formatting Tool is also available for Mac users. However, note that the default OSX Disk Utility is also capable of formatting the entire disk (select the SD card volume and choose "Erase" with "MS-DOS" format).

For Linux users, we recommend gparted (or the command line version parted). (Update: Norman Dunbar has written up the following formatting instructions for Linux users:

Copy the PINN files to your SD card.

Download Pinn - Lite from sourceforge

Extract the files from file onto the SD card. (Windows built-in zip features may have trouble with this file. If so, use another program such as 7zip.) In some cases, the files may be extracted into a folder.

If this is the case, please copy the files from inside the folder rather than copying the folder itself.

Plug the sd card into rpi and enjoy the Operating system Installation which is pretty much similar to NOOBS.


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