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Indian Smartphone Failure

Indian Smartphone Failure

Indian smartphone failure

In the market of mobile phones, we can find a variety of brands to see. There are a numbers of smartphones brands worldwide if we talk about India then in India also there are many mobile phones manufacturing companies. Although there are numbers of smartphones companies in the world only few brands are in trending. If we talk about the top smartphone brands of the world then Samsung, Xiaomi, Vivo, iPhone, etc. comes in the list. Only few brands are in world market and progressing well. If we talk about the Indian smartphone market then mainly the market is based on Chinese brands. Although there are Indian smartphone companies, they are not success in its own home country. If we talk about Indian phone company then we may hear about LAVA, INTEX, Micro Max, Colors, etc. As compared to Chinese brands like Xiaomi, Realme, OPPO, Vivo, One Plus the market share and public demand of Indian smartphone brands is very low. Not only that, the preference of smartphones users and public is also on Chinese brands rather than Indian smartphone.
LAVA, Colors, INTEX, Spice, Micro Max are the examples of Indian phone company. If we talk about the market share of Indian smartphone brands then it is very back and unable to fulfill the rapid demand of Indian smartphone users. If we check the market share of smartphones in India then it is sure Xiaomi wins. After Xiaomi, Realme, OPPO, Vivo, One Plus, Nokia etc. are doing well in Indian smartphone market but where is the Indian smartphone brands? There are many reasons for Indian smartphone failure as compared to Chinese brands.
In Indian smartphone market the most of the share is owned by Xiaomi smartphones. We can find the varieties of series and smartphones to choose in low budget according to our choice if we turn towards Xiaomi.
 After Xiaomi, Realme Brands is also progressing well. As like Redmi (Series and Sub-brand of Xiaomi), RealMe is also providing the best value for money to the users. We can get higher features in lower price in Redmi and Realme smartphones. Similarly, another brands that beats the Indian phone company is OPPO. OPPO is also in the list of top 5 smartphone brands in Indian market which provides the best smartphones with the aim of Providing the best camera ever. So, let’s find why Indian smartphone fails.

Indian smartphone failure

Micromax, Karbon, LAVA, Xolo, Intex and Spice are the main Indian phone company. They used to launch the smartphones in home country India. Although they are the Indian company they fail in own country. If we talk about Chinese brand then in India it is in first position by replacing the Indian brands. Let’s see the reasons for why Indian phone company fails.
  1. Lack of Varieties (Multiple Choices)
  2. Lack of Quality
  3. Regular Updates
  4. No Custom UI
  5. Price Segment
  6. After Sales Service and Publicity
  7. Lacks Premium Looks

  1. Lack of Varieties
The first reason behind why Indian phone company fail is due to lack of varieties of smartphones. We can find only the few numbers of models and options to select in Indian phone company smartphone. If we talk about some chine’s brands like Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo then we can get a multiple choice to select the mobiles according to our choice as our budget. We can find a lot of series to choose in Xiaomi brands like Redmi, MI, Poco, CC, etc. which makes the smartphone users to choose the best smartphones as their budget and requirements. Similarly, in Samsung also we can find a lot of series to choose the required smartphones from budget to flagship series. The popular series of Samsung smartphones are J series, M series, A series, Note series, S series, etc. But in case of Indian smartphone brands we can’t find such more varieties which creates a multiple choice to the users.

  1. Lack of Quality
Quality is the best policy, can you find the best quality in Indian smartphones (Lava, Micromax, Spice, etc.) as compared to other popular brands? Indian smartphones quality is low and insufficient as compared to other brands like Xiaomi, Samsung. So, this is the reason for Indian smartphone failure. We can find good screen quality, software quality and hardware quality in Indian phone company. Indian smartphone brands are a step backward to provide the best quality smartphones to the users like Xiaomi and Realme. Xiaomi and Realme is the leading brands in the market of Indian smartphones covering the highest market share. The main reason behind to lead the Indian smartphones and cut down the market share of Indian made smartphones by others country brand is due to lack of quality in smartphones. We all are preferring the best and super best quality in our smartphones but we may can’t find this all in Indian smartphones companies. 
  1. Regular Updates
To make our smartphones up-to date we all wants regular updates in our smartphones. We also want a regular update to get a new and useful feature in our smartphones to make the usage more effective. That’s why we all need that smartphone company which provides regular updates. Xiaomi is the best example which provides a regular update to its users. We can get an updates of Custom UI (MIUI) in our Xiaomi smartphones (except MI A series, it is based on Android One). Nokia also provides a regular update to its users for two to three years with new Android version. Nokia phone is based on Android One so we can get a timely and regular update to fix the bugs, errors and security patch to secure our devices. But in case of Indian smartphone brands we can’t find such regular and new features updates. So, this is another reason for Indian smartphone failure.
  1. No Custom UI
Nowadays Android smartphone users are changing their mode and switching towards custom android rather than stock android. There are many smartphone brands of the world providing Custom UI in their smartphones rather than stock android. MIUI, Oxygen OS, Color OS, One UI, Zen UI, etc. are the popular custom UI provides by different smartphones brands of the world. MIUI is the custom ui from the side of Xiaomi Company which runs in all series of it except MI A series. Similarly, One Plus smartphone runs on Oxygen OS which is one of the most loved custom ui in Indian smartphone market. In Custom UI we can find a lot of features to use as compared to stock android. We can get additional app features which makes the utility of your task easier. Custom UI provides more customization features, bloatware, and more utility apps.
In another side we can’t find Custom UI in Indian phone company or smartphones. Basically, most of the Indian smartphones runs on Stock Android, Android Go and on Android One. 
  1. Price Segment
Another reason for Indian smartphone failure is based on Price Segment. Although the price segment of Indian smartphone is low but it lacks to compete with other brands. In market we can find Indian smartphones in cheap price or as equal to other countries brands. The main difference to notice in them is features. Although the price segment is same Indian smartphones lacks in features. Due to lack of features it cuts down the price segment. We can find many smartphones form other brands to choose in same price range. If we talk about Xiaomi then we can find a number of smartphones to choose in the prices segment between 10,000 – 20,000. 
  1. After Sales Service and Publicity
To sell a phone is not an enough process. Beside selling the smartphones to provide after sales service is also the complementary task. In after sales service international companies are doing well and wining the trust of the users. In short period of time Chinese company like Xiaomi, OPPO, Realme is increasing the goodwill of the company from the customers with after sales service and better phone in best price. After sales service the combining and most efficient to grab an audience is through ads programs. We can find the big and great deal advertisements of international company like OPPO, Samsung, VIVO, Xiaomi but nowadays we can’t find to see such ads from Indian phone company. This is also one of the reasons for Indian smartphone failure.

  1. Lacks Premium Looks
Nowadays money is nothing to many of us. Many of us wants to use high quality smartphones rather than low quality. For the best quality smartphones, we used to prefer and search for high quality smartphones. For this people shift towards international brands like iPhone, Samsung, Pixel etc. The main reason to shift towards international brands is to get premium user experience and premium feel when using. Majority of Indian smartphone brands are providing their smartphones in low price and low features. If anyone wants to use high features then there is no option in Indian phone company smartphones so people switch towards international brands like iPhone, Samsung etc. To lack in providing premium smartphones is also the reason for Indian smartphone failure.
Here we engaged in the topic of Indian smartphones brands. There are some Indian phone company which are providing the best and cheap phones to the Indian users. Although there are many Indian smartphone brand they are lacking to gain a goodwill and positive feedback from public. Indian smartphone market is slowing down day by day with the arrival of other countries brands (especially, Chinese brands). In chines brands also we can find a great fight and difference between Redmi and Realme in terms of market share. So, in this post we have discussed about the possible reason for Indian smartphone failure.

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