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Rapids - Empowering CPU in Artificial Intelligence

As we live in 2019, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence were taking on autopilot in various fields since data getting doubled up each coming years. Data Science reaching a point of becoming mandatory in every business to empower on its own.

Yet, the real side of Data age still in the transition period in the technology life cycle. There are many proven results on AI and Machine Learning making a business learn from the past to predict the future.

Why Artificial Intelligence on CPU important?

Artificial Intelligence has been revolving around a few applicative methods like Machine Learning Algorithms for the recommendation of a product(Amazon, Flipkart), Predicting Credit and Debit card usage by banks, AI cameras in latest phones and also for Vision-based systems for Auto Driving vehicles, Natural Language Processing in making sentiment analysis for customers favoritism and their support to liabilities like social media sentiment analysis.

But, these are more self-centered around th…