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How Image Processing Program our brain

In 2019, the world can now be termed as a place for data people. From a human getting defined by their motion in the 3-Dimensional space(Cartesian system-x,y,z) mapping to form a 2D pic or animated to video to extract information out of these data by referring Image Processing is a huge tool for creating evidence or reality to acknowledge.

These 3D images are generally rendered into a mathematical model of x,y to make our brain perceive a data into information. In such a way, our day today selfie's and photoshoot's have been raising the information perceived out of our past to stay in connecting with the present.

In physics, these images can be colored out of Red, Green, and Blue, providing differential inferences on fine-tuning our intelligence with respect to right kind of mix. These color codes then numbered in electronic systems by 256 combinations among them, helps us picture 3D into a 2D of our needs.

Image processing includes Image acquisition, storage, transmission: di…