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Top methods to install Wordpress on Raspberry pi - NGINX based

Top methods to install Wordpress on Raspberry pi - NGINX based
The idea of making raspberry pi as the webserver has been there for years. but, only a few methods have been viable to do it.

Obviously, the manual style of doing all configuration by yourself is possible but, as a programmer, it won't be a feasible solution.

Let's, start with probabilities,

The reason for choosing NGINX is simple - it is highly supportive as the traffic of the blog gets increased in comparison to Apache.

  • Blog in a Box: This tool to make a Wordpress website that completely supports raspberry pi both on the software and hardware side. It works smoothly to date, but the lack of update to PHP version and Operating system used won't be available for raspberry pi 4. It is based on Debian 8. 
I personally tried running it, works a charm on raspberry pi 3. It is configured by default with NGNIX and PHP to work seamlessly.

Find the full tutorial here,

  • WordOps: This tool is one of the best methods to use since it has full server management options. It also supports raspberry pi 4 (Debian 10). I have tried it for some days but, there are few errors in regard to the database creation which the team is currently testing it.
I personally opted for this one, but still waiting for the full testing. 

Installation of WordOps is really simple, 

wget -qO wo && sudo bash wo  # Install WordOps
sudo wo site create --wp # Install required packages & setup WordPress

If anyone succeeds in completing the installation do let me know.

  • Dietpi: We all know the power of Dietpi, the number of special opt-in Softwares that readily run. Interestingly, am running the website on dietpi.
There are few manual works to do at first, the LEMP server installation is fully automated so no problems,

Then, don't install wordpress via the software modules rather you can install with general downloading of WordPress and extraction into the /var/www folder.

Kindly,create a database with username and password before getting into installation.

I have my hosting done on

Hope you does yours!

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