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Supreme Duo - an Unofficial RetroPie image for Raspberry pi 4 - Does great Job

Supreme Duo - an Unofficial RetroPie image for Raspberry pi 4 - Does great Job

This is an UNOFFICIAL Retropie Image built on Raspbian Buster for the Raspberry Pi 4b. This image was created by The Supreme Team with some assistance from monkaBlyat .

This is NOT an official release by the Retropie development team, please do not contact them concerning it. For questions and support as well as general retro gaming community interaction, check out the SBCGaming Discord:

The default login/ssh for this image is; User: pi Password: supreme

Download Links:

Google Drive:


WDG Direct Link:

Keep in mind that the download of the image file is about 9-10GB and, when extracted, is closer to 19GB, so you're going to need a 32GB+ micro SD card in order to get this installed.

Once you've extracted the image file from the archive, you can use Etcher to copy it to your micro SD card. Then plug the micro SD card into your Raspberry Pi and turn it on. In just a short amount of time you'll be on the "desktop" and ready to get started with your retro gaming session.

About Supreme Duo

There are a TON of emulators in the system and the way Supreme Duo is put together looks great. Each emulator screen gets a new back drop that makes it look like that system. Very cool touch.

More than emulators, you'll get a FULL DESKTOP that you can access via Pixel. While you're in Pixel, there are a few games that you can launch from there as well. There are also a couple of VM tools if you're interested in that kind of thing.

Overall, everything ran pretty well, though there were a few games that ran pretty slowly and lagged pretty bad.

If you're looking for a completely new retro gaming experience, it's definitely worth taking a look at Supreme Duo.

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