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Rock Pi SATA HAT open doors for Raspberry pi 4 in cloud servers

Rock Pi SATA HAT open doors for Raspberry pi 4 in cloud servers
Rock Pi, a mimic of raspberry pi can just be more than an inspiration made out of raspberry pi. They build systems with some of Hardware accessories which are supported by raspberry pi. Camera can be used in both Rock pi and raspberry pi.

Before that, we can even call Rock pi as a drawback resolver for Raspberry pi - but Raspberry pi developers is too wide to make it more happening.

Rock Pi works with Universal boot loader and also support direct Operating systems like Ubuntu, Android TV.

But now, Rock Pi introduced a whole new hardware support for both Rock Pi and also Raspberry pi 4 - SATA HAT.

Always HATs are extending the features of these embedded boards right from Arduino to Raspberry pi 4.

SATA has several variant, 4x SATA interfaces + 1x eSATAp for up 100TB storage via 5x 2.5″ or 3.5″ HDD/SSD.

  •    $99 for Quad SATA kit for Raspberry Pi 4 with fan and cover.
  •    $49 Penta SATA HAT for Rock Pi 4
  •    $25 Quad SATA HAT for Raspberry Pi 4 / Rock Pi 4.
  •    $8 SATA HAT Top Board

You can control the HAT via,

curl -sL | sudo -E bash -   

Few more detailed explaination on CNX-software.

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