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Redream DreamCast now available for Raspberry pi 4

Redream DreamCast now available for Raspberry pi 4
A video game console has been both retro and modern based on ROMs available. But, the idea of a game console is to reduce the cost of gaming without PCs.

Now, it became a widespread thing after mobile phones reached everyone. The desire for old games are still there, hence a medium requires to bridge the gap. Here is one such,

Redream - DreamCast Emulator is the option to emulate ROMs in All platforms,

PCs, Android and now the raspberry pi 4.

Lets, play the new games everywhere - Download from here

Download the archive, extract it and double click the file named redream and you're ready to go.

Or else, get into the extracted directory and open terminal type ./redream

You may notice that the build currently includes more files than our normal Linux builds; there's a mesa subdirectory, a redream.elf and the main redream shell script.

The reason for the extra files is that there are some optimizations we are working on that are important for performance, but the changes haven't yet been upstreamed to Mesa. Because of this, a build of the modified v3d driver is temporarily bundled with the Raspberry Pi builds.

Also for Other platforms - check here

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