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Official Ubuntu Server 19.10 for Raspberry pi 4

Official Ubuntu Server 19.10 for Raspberry pi 4

This could well be the official mate version too, but let's wait for some time for more info.

The special things about Ubuntu 19.10 server on raspberry pi 4 are more about Raspberry pi than the server.

Just the ARM version of Ubuntu 19.10 but major things have been made on Raspberry pi.

The u-boot (Universal boot loader) on the raspberry pi has been successfully made on this image which will now open doors for many Operating systems like Android, Chromium OS and Zorin OS in the future.

But, Why this happened is because of Rock Pi, ever since the launch of Rock Pi - the growth of U-Boot on ARM boards are in the hype.

Ubuntu is officially named under the IoT category to make it a public statement on the purpose of release.

This could especially for the Compute modules of Raspberry pi 4 and also the support of Tensorflow lite will be more easily make way for Automation and Machine Learning.

Link to Download 32 bit version of Ubuntu Server

Link to Download 64 bit version of Ubuntu Server

The 32bit version looks pretty cool than the 64 bit as it crashes more and also has a problem with USB and Audio jacks.

It is definitely not the full-fledged Ubuntu but the port enables most features on the way.

snap store support makes the app availability.

Install anyone of the following desktop to enjoy the desktop version

  • sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop
  • sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop
  • sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop

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