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Cent OS on raspberry pi 4

Cent OS on raspberry pi 4

Download the image of the latest Centos 7.X for Raspberry PI 4 for the ARM platform.


Remove the SD card for your Raspberry PI device and put them in your personal laptop or pc.

I have used Win32 Disk Imager to install the image onto the Micro SD Card.

Select the CentOS 7 image and select the drive letter of you SD – Card. In this example is was the G – Drive. Click Write to start writing the image to the SD – card.

Ones done insert your SD card in your Raspberry PI 4 and plug it into the power outlet.
Centos 7.X is starting up, logon into the OS with:

user: root
pwd: centos

You can now configure an IP address by using “nmtui”.

Have fun.

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