Arch Linux for Raspberry pi 4 possibly a way to run Android on Raspberry pi 4

The surprise of the day is Arch Linux on Raspberry pi 4. Yes, PINN - the tweaked version of NOOBS added support for Arch Linux.

They named it, Ported version for Raspberry pi 4. But, already Manjaro introduced Arch Linux for Raspberry pi 4 earlier.

Now, it became a new option. But, here Arch Linux plays an important role in making it run Android.

I have tried, Manjaro ARM which is quite a full-fledged OS with more of a desktop-based structure. A few years back, Raspberry pi has an Arch Linux based OS named Reborn. This OS can be built on top of Arch Linux.

The specialty of the Reborn Operating System is native support for Anbox, an android emulator based on containers. This is a possible way to get android into raspberry pi 4.

To Download, Arch Linux for Raspberry Pi4 check here, PINN

The PINN has now the support of about 13 operating systems for Raspberry pi 4 which you could check out.

The process of converting Arch Linux into Reborn OS is very simple, let's get into it,

You check out full process of it here,

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