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2 Free Ebooks for Data Science Beginners

2 Free Ebooks for Data Science Beginners
We are now in the data age, the math taking life to the next levels with the iteration of new dimensional perspectives in decision making.

In this approach, Data science can just be a process of how data can be made as valuable information in the given situation.

Why Data Science?

The answer is quite simple, numbers derive facts and can be a constant without any perspective intervention in the process of decision making.

Obviously, Data Science is the integral of several parts like machine learning, data analysis, Artificial Intelligence.

But, to get into the Data knowledge of things, we want to look into the basic idea about Data. The stuff remains simple, 0's and 1's is just an encoded binary base that computer language interacting with human language encoded under base 10's 100's, etc.

To be Honest, Data Science is the start, we are looking to mimic human - because it works on the principles of humanity in a certain way.

Today, we found two interesting books for getting started :

Let's jump into it with the interest in learning how data and our life interact with the base of computers and human's reacting. - book 1 - book 2

Since Data Science is about letting things be it and derive statements on our own, I hereby don't want to review the book or just let it be yours.

Reviews create a perspective


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