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The Two ready made Operating System for Raspberry pi 4

The Two ready made Operating System for Raspberry pi 4
With the launch of Raspberry pi 4 in about three different variants and also enabling x64 bit has just made some serious discussions on taking the pi towards people and industrial level.

There are several interesting operating systems that have been launched every week for Raspberry pi 4.
If you are interested in knowing the happenings of last month on this list check out here.

Today we are seeing two operating systems that are very ready-made for both on the desktop scale and also for a product line.

The First One is obviously the most optimized,

Diet Pi - a Debian with a most light-weighted operating system which has around 120 readily available software on the whole as a product and also can be tested out. Here are some of the software namely
  • Google AIY
  • PiHole
  • phpBB3
  • Wordpress
  • stream
  • MotionEye
  • Owncloud
  • NextCloud
  • VPN
  • Kodi
All these packages can be installed on one step. Also Enabling us to use it as a hobby project to play more on it.

The Second one is literally a slow-paced under development one

Chromium OS - the desktop centered operating system open-sourced since Chrome Os was built on top.

 It runs on the Linux kernel, and rather than a traditional OS like Ubuntu, Windows, or macOS, Chromium OS merely uses the Google Chrome web browser for its user interface (UI). Thus, most supported apps are primarily web applications. 

Chromium OS can also be used to run android applications if configured in the right way using a docker container.

Because Chromium OS remains browser-based, installation takes a matter of minutes. Plus, there's increased security and ridiculously low system requirements. Unfortunately, app selection fails to rival Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, or iOS.

  • Secure
  • Fast startup time
  • Quick installation
  • Browser-based
  • Low system requirements
  • Solid app selection
find the raspberry pi 4 image here:-CHROMIUM OS

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