Raspberry pi 4 gets Berryboot Basic Support becomes rival for PINN

Have been for some time, berryboot to take control over the new 64-bit kernel of Raspberry pi 4. But, comes as the latest boot loader for Raspberry pi 4.

The wait is over, the number of Operating Systems rolling out daily in support for Raspberry pi especially using the U-Boot loader is always a welcoming thing for the open-source community.

PINN - an extended version of NOOBS makes a sounding way into raspberry pi support with around 20 operating system support.

For PINN - https://sourceforge.net/projects/pinn/files/pinn-lite.zip/download

Berryboot is considered as an opponent to PINN as it has several operating systems an also easy to make an OS image for Berryboot.

Odroid  and Raspberry pi have been a major option for Berryboot to take on.


Find here for more,

Download here:- https://sourceforge.net/projects/berryboot-updated-images/files/Raspberry-Pi/

Let us know if you are interested in building Android for Berryboot.

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