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Post Page Advertisement [Top] / Home Assistant / Hassbian - A Big role in IoT than just Home Automation - Raspberry pi / Home Assistant / Hassbian - A Big role in IoT than just Home Automation - Raspberry pi / Hassbian - an Operating System made for Home Automation support for Various platforms built using Resin Os (balena product).

The Resin Os makes way for running docker based IoT applications and is building on top of it.

Basically a webserver with more protocol-based integrations.

Installation of
  • Download the .zip from here
  • Flash the downloaded image to an SD card using balenaEtcher. Recommend at least a 32 GB SD card to avoid running out of space.
  • on a blank USB stick with a FAT32 partition having partition label CONFIG, while in its root directory, create the network/my-network file.
  • For image-based installs insert the SD card into the device.
  • Turn on your device. On first boot, it downloads the latest version of Home Assistant which takes around 20 minutes (slower/faster depending on the platform and your Internet connection).
  • You will be able to reach your installation at http://hassio.local:8123 (else try with RPI IP Address)

The features of remains in the integration and support for hardware on IoT.
  • Certainly it can be a direct product with Alexa and Google Assistant but the scope just extends with more dimensional ideas out of Home Automation.
  • Supports Arduino and GPIO natively
  • OpenCV, IR and Barcode Scanner support
  • Traccar - a vehicle management system integration makes it viable for both tracking and also controlling of the product.
  • Even Tesla Car Control 
  • IP camera DVR
  • support of IFTTT makes it even more open-source minded in making data science projects.
  • Robotics of certain types.
  • Remote for Apple TV and more
  • Jypter Lab support for Datascience.
These are some of the highlights of you already know something special please mention the comments.

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