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World's First Autonomous Operating System - Oracle Autonomous Linux

World's First Autonomous Operating System - Oracle Autonomous Linux
Most IT firms are aware of the fact, its time for some Intelligence whether a preprogrammed intelligence or self tuning Machine Learning based intelligence.

Oracle just opened the new stream of Operating system management with Autonomous features like provisions, scaling, tuning, patching can be done on the background on its own.

Automation scripts has been there for years but, the risk involved in detecting the various operations has been the problem which now been overcame.

AWS offers several scalability features according to the users logged in through automated scripts.Now,Oracle decides to take them on with even more powerful features.

This operating system works for Oracle cloud and Oracle product users, letting faster migration processing in terms of performance and optimisation.

Enables secure, demanding and reliable cloud infrastructure for its customers.It provides security updates to new kernels and key user space libraries in no time.

Obviously, reduces the cost for labour and also time for routing between systems.

They also attract Red Hat community with an interesting update.

The Major feature is supporting applications of Red Hat Linux with binary compatible.

Previous customers can avail this feature for free.Also Oracle announced a new security service called Oracle Data Safe, which is essentially a unified control center for monitoring security issues with data, users and configuration.

The service will allow customers to identify sensitive data and mask databases to minimise or eliminate security risks. Oracle Data Safe is also included with all Oracle Database Cloud services.

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