Ransomware affects Linux operating system too - update your hosting server now

Hacking a server and making money out of it has been a growing trend as we faced several data leaks from google, facebook, and many giants.

Ransomware - a named windows virus is what they called a few months back, this has now hit Linux servers especially hosting servers.

This virus is like changing the extension or file type of their style of file format with root access enabling the opportunity to demand money from it.

Last year, several Windows hardrives were affected - now it enters into website hosting Linux servers.

This affects all kinds of website data - HTML, PHP, js, CSS, SCSS as reported by fossbytes.

They spotted around 6,700 servers till dated sep,7 2019 - and they asking money of about 327$ for retrieval.

Kindly make all servers safe with updating the passwords with stronger ones and also check for security updates - remove unwanted URLs from the source list.