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A raspberry pi 4 2GB(variant) rival Khadas VIM3L shows some power with Android support

A raspberry pi 4 2GB(variant) rival Khadas VIM3L shows some power with Android support
To consider the staging of Embedded boards with respect to usage - can be opt towards various levels of processing and functions involved in making a product.

In such a way, raspberry pi broke various standards as some of switching boards like PLCsand DCS(Distributed Control Systems) are variably getting replaced.

Even with the blue print of raspberry pi many DIY maker boards have been launched successfully with additional features.

Raspberry Pi 4 (1GB) - could be a board for embedded and relay control unit related one.

Raspberry Pi 4 (2GB) - featured into commercial product line of Gaming, TVsettop box and also can mimic Rpi 4 (1GB) product line in a feature updation model.

Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB) - this is more of placing themselves against few rivals like jetson nano, Coral TPU and Intel AI board.

In this case, here we are going to look at a Khadas board - VIM3L variant most feature extraction of Raspberry Pi 4 (2GB), but already into a stream of business line.

They cover TV set top boxes and also Gaming station with 4K video quality.

They also provide additional in-built features like NPU(Neural-Network Processing Unit) which can support Machine Learning features as it would enable developers to crowd into it.


Amlogic S905D3
12nm process for low heat & high efficiency
2T2R AC Wi-Fi with RSDB Features
Bluetooth 5.0
USB 3.0 Available
Gigabit Ethernet with WOL support
USB-C PD for heavy applications

Neural Network Accelerator:

NPU: Supports a maximum frequency of 800MHz at 1.2 TOPS
INT8 inference up to 1536 MAC
Internal L2 cache (512KB) and system workspace buffer (1MB)
Supports all major deep learning frameworks including TensorFlow and Caffe

Dual independent displays with GSensor
H.264 / H.265 Encoding
Supports multi-video decoding up to [email protected][email protected]
VIN Power Input


40 Pin GPIO Header (USB, I2C, I2S, UART, ADC etc)
8-ch I2S for Microphone Array application (over M.2 Connector)
Designed with GPIO Extender Chip

This board currently supports Android 9.0 and obviously with U-Boot most Operating Systems would run much like Raspberry Pi and costs about 59 $

The company brand themselves with a comparision mode,

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