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3 Programming languages to get started with Data Analytics

3 Programming languages to get started with Data Analytics
Data Science - a branch that will define the future of humanity with respect to technology to lifestyle scope.

Yes, Every field from product development to sales and service - we generate tonnes of data and obviously, we take life on a time scale which produces endless data that can be marked as events and moments to capture.

All these data are subjected to discussions in a competitive manner either for improvement or for consistency.

In this way, we are ready for changing and empowering people with data science to scale up to life's new possibilities.

Before getting into Data Science - some facts to be taken care of.

Data is a raw number which can be given an endless perspective to justify one job done or oppose with contradiction.

Hence, Math becomes a major king.

Python and Maths - a combo of a linear graph.

Python - a language that can sound more not a mechanical one but as a human language. Typically, Python is easy as contextual syntaxes and powerful with the usage of math.

It is a free structured one can be used anywhere, from building Operating Systems to High-end websites and even for Robotics.

Since Python works more with Robotics on Degrees of Freedom which makes way for Data Science also.

Data Science is much similar to predict data and scope of freedom in producing new information(perspective).

R - It is much similar in working style of python but more tools on statistics and on just math scope R plays a vital role in Data Science.

More Graphical representation of Data helps in providing in-depth explanation and easy visualization of data that can be made into valuable information.

R - becomes an influential one as statisticians are the primary data holders in the business model.

Next one is a mandatory language - SQL,

We are into Excel spreadsheets and Databases to make data interact with the math we make need some help.

Hence SQL - querying is technically dependent on both R and Python but a vital in binding the data into the process of decision making.


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