Operating System for Raspberry pi 4 (32/64 bit) - Last one will surprise you

The major change in the Raspberry pi 4 variant is the feature of 64 bit. But, on contrast it has been seen as a new architecture with hardware changes.

It is the same transition period where android being ported to 64 bit few years back.But, Raspberry pi suits much more effectively as it has RAM variant to choose which one fits the best.

This week we have tried many possible Operating system on Raspberry pi 4 4GB model.

First one, obviously - Raspbian

Official release of Raspbian have disturbed the flow of Raspberry pi to some extent.The support to the new 64 bit variant doesn't been a healthy to start but later with many back port to 3b+ model, it is been widely tested now.

Kernel update would be highly recommended to reduce heat - check here

The Next might be a kudos - Ubuntu 18.04 Server with 64 bit

This is from the ubuntu 18.04 server image of 3b+ model but configured to raspberry pi 4 by cloudkernels.

Cloudkernels also attached the details of building an raspberry pi 64 bit with it.Actually it is being tutorial from Braindumps - check out here

Even with 64 bit - RAM usage being restricted to 1 GB even the hardware has been different.It lacks lot to repos since the aarch64 doesn't meet up major softwares.

The major advantages of this build is being the pre-installed docker but on updating, it becomes black screen.It can be just for sample testing of it would run.

We cannot do anything at this point - for installing get the image from here.

The Next one is from a famous developer group - RaspEx

The RaspEX with Kodi has been a hit last week and various port from RaspEX has been here this week.

Exton being a greater community to Raspberry pi, their build of ubuntu 19.10 for rpi4 being more like a freaky thing but just a brick to some extent.

Even single software addition to their build will cause an error.

They also launched ubuntu 18.04,RaspArchPi both needs more updates to catch up performances.But looks a feasible to a greater extent of rpi repos.

Sourceforge has all the variants of RaspEx community images.

The Surprising one is Here...

Manjaro - Arch Linux based operating system has launched a preview images of 1 and 2. The performance looks much more better with each step forward from them.

Kernel switching has been a feature of Manjaro and now it comes with 64 bit for rpi4.

The preview image of Manjaro 1 will only support 1 GB RAM  but few configured it to the extend of 4GB.

Manjaro preview 2 looks brilliant as it comes with 3GB RAM support.

Even above repos have aarch 64 configuration problem, Manjaro looks solid in built. It is 64 bit enabled with graphics.

Software packages needs to be ported in some cases but looks well designed from the kernel.

It doesn't heat up too. Hence, it might be the direct competition to Raspbian in our perspective since it supports other Embedded systems as well.

Prebuilt in libraries of Arduino, Python with more care towards security it has been a interesting option for Raspberry Pi 4.

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