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IIT Madras students made First ever Iron-Ion Batteries - can be the Future

IIT Madras students made First ever Iron-Ion Batteries - can be the Future
Everyone around the world feeling the tension inside the automotive industry and literally the cash crunch making it harder concerning technology.

Human life, evolution is generally changed with cash or wealth as we perceive but something behind it.

Yes, Much similar to Nikolo Tesla's explanation of " Business and Governments make wealth with technology to some period but Technology will obviously get over them one day".

The issue of world economics is in a much similar phase, technology rises its bar but people are not interested to feel it as cash crunch hit them.

It might look not that easier to realize it, let know it.

As everyone around us expressed their view of moving towards electric vehicles, we stopped buying petrol and diesel.

There are obvious reasons like pollution and political pressure in mining coal inside some countries too.

These opened gates for Battery driven vehicles - electrical.

On the pro-side, Electricity is more controllable than other fuel. It could be a reason for opting it.

Technology for batteries is several variants of batteries - Lithium-ion, Lead Acid Batteries, and Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries.

Each of these has its own cons,

Lead Acid and Nickel Metal hydride batteries have a problem of self-discharge at room temperature and its usage being reduced over the years.
These batteries are used in General motors but later they dropped it.

People move towards Lithium-Ion as it undergone several optimization processes yet short-circuit and also heating is being a problem at times.

Lithium-ion batteries are very expensive and also can make a thermal problem which might result in fire or explosion as a possibility.

These batteries are currently used in Tesla Cars.

Hence, the problems are clear from a techie perspective.
  • Lithium-ion batteries are expensive
  • Lithium-ion causes more heat
The result would be low-cost, less heating and would obviously with a minimum of no performance changes to Lithium-ion batteries.

Students from Indian Institute of Technology Madras taken up the challenge and provided some valuable results.

The Idea of Iron-Ion Batteries is not a new one but it has been under several testing.

Let's know about the batteries and its features:

The battery consists of an anode made of low-carbon steel, instead of pure iron, plus a cathode made of vanadium pentoxide, which is suitable for the movement of iron ion, due to its larger gap. The iron-ion battery also uses iron chlorate as an electrolyte.

Compared to the traditional lithium-ion batteries, the newly developed batteries from IIT are much more cost-effective and features slightly better storage capacity and stability. 

The iron-ion batteries are also much more safe to use, due to the inability of iron to produce dendrites, which prevents a short circuit from happening when the electricity is discharged, as they reported.

Although having some noticeable advantages over lithium-ion batteries, the newly developed iron ion batteries will still need to undergo further optimization and testing, as they have shown that it is only capable of 150 cycles of charging and discharging for the time being. 

At this developmental stage, the energy density of the battery is also only able to reach around 220 Wh/kilo, which is only around 55-60% of the 350 Wh/kilo of energy density for lithium-ion battery.

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