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Core Companies for Mechatronics Graduates in India

 Core Companies for Mechatronics Graduates in India
Mechatronics Engineering is a so-called futuristic course but it is just an applicative course in the Engineering World.

People in India view this Engineering stream as just " Jack of All trade " as Employment is considered to the only reason for Education in India.

In the approach towards the modernization of work and introduction of Robotics, Automation,Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Internet Governance, Cloud computing, 3D printing are the core of streams of Mechatronics.


The top-end technologies of today's trend are just the foundation of Mechatronics. From Chemical process treatment plant to Artificial Intelligence are just the subset that can fit into this system.

We, hereby going to look at some companies which are starting to flourish the stream of Mechatronics in possible ways.

  • ASIMOV Robotics Pvt Ltd is known for its product solutions in areas such as robotic simulation and control, machine vision, virtual reality and navigation. 

They even found lace in Medical and defense sectors also.

Their products cover Cool Arm Manipulators, X-Terra Mobile Robots, APSRA Service Robots, Lamarck Humanoid Robots, Dexter Finger Gripper and so on. they also have solution-based products like Cranio Blot and Black I Robotics Landshark.

  • Gridbots is a young technology and Innovation – Robotics company from India and works in the field of Robotics – Artificial Intelligence and Machine Vision. Founded in August 2007 by young and passionate innovator Mr. Pulkit Gaur [TED Fellow and MIT Young Innovator of the year].

They are associated with extremely important clientele like Ministry of Home Affairs (New Delhi), National Institute of Design (Ahmedabad), Indian Navy, Bhabha Atomic Research Center, ONGC, TATA Power, ISRO, PRL, Gujarat Police and so on.

Its contributions to underwater robotics, power plants, nuclear robotics, space robotics, and defense are extremely important. Besides these, Gridbots also offers solutions in painting, welding, sorting, injection molding, packing, inspection, barcodes and so on.

  • i2u2 is a telepresence robotic companion – it allows you to log into it from any compatible iOS, Android, Windows device, and take control of it, from anywhere in the world. Walk, talk and play at home, with the ones who matter, whenever you want, wherever you are.

  • DividebyZero Technologies developed their first 3D printer for internal use in May 2013 – and by August the same year, they received their first order for print service.
Today, their client list has impressive names: Eicher, Saint Gobain, Hawkins, Mahindra, TV.
Their printers are classified as Desktop, Professional and Industrial, based on capacity, size, specifications and so on.  They develop their printers based on their in-house developed and patented AFPM (Advanced Fusion Plastic Modeling) technology.

  • Sastra Robotics - According to TiE Silicon Valley’s evaluation of Technology Startups in 2017, Sastra Robotics ranks among the top 50 robotics companies in the world. 
Its headquarters are located in Cochin, India. Sastra Robotics is into building robotic manipulators that can mimic human actions.

One of Sastra’s products is automated HMI (human-machine interface/UI) testing platforms bearing advanced touchscreens with voice commands and hand gesture feedback testing to handle HMI. Sastra also developed the fastest touchscreen testing robotic arm ‘SR-SCARA-Pro’.

  • DIFACTO serves a range of industries – automotive, transportation, energy, consumer goods, food and beverages, health and pharmaceutical, defense and aerospace, electronics, and more – for all their robot-based automation needs. 
DIFACTO’s customers are manufacturing companies, OEMs supplying automated equipment and machinery, robot companies and system integrators/line builders.

  • GreyOrange is a multinational technology firm that designs, manufactures and deploys advanced robotics systems for automation at distribution and fulfillment centers. 
They combine expertise in robotics, hardware, and software engineering to solve operational inefficiencies in warehouse operations at both third-party logistics vendors as Gridbotsll as companies with in-house logistics functions.

With in-house Mechanical, Electrical, Embedded, UI/UX, Software department and quality assurance teams, GreyOrange ensures the unquestioned quality of all their products.

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