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Building Ubuntu image file for Raspberry pi 4

Building Ubuntu image file for Raspberry pi 4
Raspberry pi also has the option of being a bare-metal computation module, obviously opens door to a variety of customization.

We have seen a maximum of around 50 operating systems supported either official or programmable on raspberry pi 3 version, a huge success in mini RAM range architecture.

With Raspberry Pi 4 having up to 4GB RAM open a playground for mighty giant support of Operating Systems.

Even though Linux is common on Raspberry pi, there are few other OS finding its way as the U-Boot loader gets enabled in Raspberry Pi.

Universal Boot loader makes it viable to adapt various architecture and load the system effectively.

We have seen Rock Pi - considered as a rival to Raspberry Pi 4 has been using U-Boot option and most SBC(Single Board Computers) accept them.

we found a GitHub repo making the process easier to build the image of Ubuntu for Raspberry pi 4 or 3

The sh files are preconfigured based on the cloudkernels tutorial of building an image for raspberry pi

Download the file from the below link,

Ubuntu for Rasberry pi 4 or 3

Extract the zip file and open terminal in the same directory,

Run the following commands based on your board.

$ ./
$ ./
$ ./  # this is RPi3 kernel boot with u-boot
$ ./ # this is RPi4 kernel boot with armstub8 (temp workaround solution)
$ ./

The result would be a ubuntuXXXX.img file now, open etcher to burn the image file into the raspberry pi.

Cheers, now you have ubuntu booting on rpi successfully.

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