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Android 10 takes a new way - comes to pixel phones first

Android 10 takes a new way - comes to pixel phones first
Android was first launched in April 2009 with a name Cupcake, its been ever-growing since then, the brand has taken it to the next level of Google.

With a Dream decade in hand, Android moves further forward of renaming its normal food brand into a numerical version called Android 10.

They also refreshed logo after 2014.

This is has been a surprise for many but, we all-knowing Google trying a variety of operating system for the future.

Just in August 2018, we received Android Pie and with this new upgrade, we are seeing the quick changes made towards the technological upgrades for the hardware.

With 5G around the launch, they might have plans to opt for Fuchsia or any other micro-kernel based OS. But, Android's new version also has API upgrade level of 29.

The expected features would be,

  • New permissions to access location in background and to access photo, video and audio files.
  • Background apps can no longer jump into the foreground.
  • Limited access to non-resettable device identifiers.
  • Sharing shortcuts, which allow sharing content with contact directly.
  • Floating settings panel, that allows changing system settings directly from apps.
  • Dynamic depth format for photos, which allow changing background blur after taking a photo.
  • Support for the AV1 video codec, the HDR10+ video format, and the Opus audio codec.
  • A native MIDI API, allowing interaction with music controllers.
  • Better support for biometric authentication in apps.
  • Support for the WPA3 Wi-Fi security protocol.
  • Support for foldable phones.
  • Support for Notification Bubbles.

For now, Google rolled out Android 10 beta versions on Pixel, Samsung phones . There are speculations regarding the release date as September 23 as reported by Phonearena

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