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8 best home theater systems in India - 2019

8 best home theater systems in India - 2019
They are all the rave in the West and now they are increasingly finding their way into middle, upper middle class, and rich Indian homes.  What are they?  They are home theater systems.  This article will describe the best home theater systems in India.   

Sony BDV N9200W 3D Blu ray Home theater system with BD 
This home theater system is the best value for your money for the following reasons:  Please note that this is one of the best home theater systems India has to offer. 

It is a very beautiful all-in-one home theater system 
The Sony BDV works on a 5.1 channel configuration 
  • You will get wired and wireless connectivity 
  • You get the latest in Bluetooth and WIFI for wireless connectivity 
  • This makes it easy to connect this home theater system to your laptop or desktop 
  • The system comes with magnetic fluid speakers which offer the best in terms of crystal clear sound and tunes (music) 
  • This works by replacing the dampers traditionally associated with speakers with fluid suspension 
  • You will be able to choose from six audio modes 
  • It comes with USB support and a 12 month warranty 
 Yamaha Yht -2910 - 5.1 HD Channel Home Theatre System 
This is the speaker system for sound recording professionals.  It is now available for your home.  The reasons why you should invest in this system are explained below:  
  • It works on the 5.1 channel configuration system and comes with awesome amplifiers for that reason.  In fact, it has some of the best speakers for home theaters online! 
  • It does not come with Bluetooth or WIFI capabilities. 
  • It only comes with an FM tuner for wireless connectivity 
  • It uses the famous and powerful DOLBY technologies to offer you the best in realistic surround sound options and capabilities 
  • The high quality speakers can easily reproduce sounds in HD audio 
  • What’s more is that its subwoofer uses advanced YST technology to offer crisp, clean, and powerful bass sounds 
  • This speaker system only supports the MP3, WMA, WAV, MPEG-4 music formats 
JBL Cine system 500SI home theatre system 
This home theater system comes with some of the best home theater speakers in India.  This may not be surprising because it is produced by an American company.  It is a market leader in terms of quality and performance for its speakers.  More about this amazing home theater system: 
  • If you are a song or movie buff, you will love this system because its speakers will always give you the best in terms of sound and surround sound quality. 
  • It provides crystal clear and smooth sounds with instance deep bass capacity because it works on the 5.1 channel configuration 
  • This theater system is durable and will last for years without cracking - cracking appears to be a common problem with home theater systems over time. 
  • It comes with vTuner technology for wireless streaming.This allows you to listen to the radio through this home theater speaker system. 

Logitech Z906 Surround Sound Home theater 
This also sells for less than INR 20000.  You can buy speakers online at low price in India with discount code.  You get your money’s worth with this theater system for the following reasons: 
  • Its logitech system offers the best quality in terms of clarity of sounds you will ever hear 
  • Its Dolby technology and Dolby enabled speakers enhance the audio you hear naturally 

Philips SPA8000B/94.5 channel multimedia speakers system 
Philips has long had a global reputation for quality in terms of electronics.  It is now in India.  Philips is currently one of the best home theatre systems in India for the following reasons: 
  • It's 5.1 surround system comes with USB and SD card slots which allow you to connect any electronic device to play music. 
  • Its sound quality is among the best of all home theater systems in India and the world. 
  • Its FM tuner allows you to listen to music from your favorite radio stations 
  • Its subwoofer is 8 inches long  

Mitashi BS-120BT 5.1 Channel Home theatre system with bluetooth 
This home theater system comes with some of the best home theater systems in India.  You can look forward to the following with this home theater system: 
  • Its powerhouse system defines sound through power allowing you to hear crystal clear and powerfully strong sounds at all times 
  • Its bluetooth capacities allow you to access the Internet through any smart device you plug into it 
  • It has a 5.1 channel surround system 
  • This consists of one subwoofer and 5 satellite speaker systems 
  • It has USB and SD card slots and an FM system allowing you to listen to your favorite radio stations as well 

Samsung HT-J5100K /XL 5.1 channel home theater system (black) 
Aside from being simply beautiful, this system comes with a 5.1 system which delivers crystal clear and powerful sounds in your home.  The sound clarity is so good and of such high quality, you will swear you are in a movie theater.  Other specs are listed below: 
  • It uses Crystal Amp Pro technology to deliver sound quality which will blow your mind 
  • You can use its different modes to balance sounds to arrive at the desired tone 
  • It allows you to watch any channel on television 
  • It is powerful because it operates off of 1000 watts of power 

Philips SPA5200B 5.1 channel multimedia speakers (black) 
This is one of the best music systems you can buy for your home.  The reasons why are mentioned below: 
  • Its 5.1 surround system delivers the best and clearest sound quality you will have ever heard 
  • You can listen to your favorite radio stations with its FM tuner 
  • It comes with a beautiful design and makes a great centerpiece 
  • You can use its USB and SD slot cards to connect it to your T.V. and any other electronic device imaginable! 

You have may options, now what? 
Now that you know more about some of the best and highest quality theater systems currently on the market in India, it’s time to choose your favorite one!


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